Meladerm Cream: is it worth it? Meladerm reviews

It seems that many people aren’t happy that they aren’t able to buy meladerm in stores within their local cities and towns. But this really isn’t a problem at all, even though a lot of people only focus on that fact. But, most of them are forgetting that their purchase is only one convenient "mouse" click away!

That’s right! Even if purchasing it at a local establishment was an option, why would a person want to hop in the car and drive downtown – fighting traffic all the way – just in the hopes of finding a store where the product is still in stock? It is much simpler just hopping on a computer, and hitting the internet with a bank card! So, keep reading for a brief summary of how you can go to the internet to find and buy the popular item – all from the comfort of your own home.

First, get onto the internet and do a search with either the word "meladerm" or a phrase like, "buy meladerm". You should be taken to a few links of places where you can buy it online. However, it may be wise to "hunt" around for a bit, and avoid purchasing it from the very first site you go to. You want to make sure that you are actually getting the real thing, for starters – and not just a product with a name that "sounds" like it’s the same item you want.

Another thing that is also very important, is to make sure that the website you are buying the meladerm from is a "safe site". Just look for something like a little logo on the website that will confirm this for you.

When you have found the place from which to buy your product, then it is time to enter your payment information. Remember to carefully enter in such information as your name, address and phone number – and also, make sure that your billing and shipping addresses are correct before finalizing your order.

It is also a very important thing to know exactly what your online total is – and, exactly what it is that you are being charged for. Double check your order to make sure you didn’t "click" any boxes that may have added on anything you didn’t want or need!

So now you are probably more aware of the convenience of ordering meladerm cream online, right from your home. Just remember to "hunt" around to find the retailer that will will give you the best bargain for your hard earned cash!


At first, Meladerm may seem like just another skin lightening product in the market. However, what makes it unique is the fact that honest, extensive research led to its formulation and creation. The manufacturers spent four years to create a unique and effective formula that was based on natural ingredients. Meladerm is also developed with the latest in skin lightening and skincare technologies, allowing it to improve the overall complexion and lighten freckles, sun spots, liver spots, age spots, acne marks, birth marks, melasma, and other types of skin discolorations.

All-natural and safe formulation of Meladerm

Another distinctive characteristic of Meladerm is that it does not contain harmful ingredients such as steroids, mercury and hydroquinone which are typical of other skin care products but come with several side effects with prolonged use. The product is composed of Meladerm ingredients that are both safe and effective. These include alpha arbutin, mulberry, niacinamide, bearberry, licorice, embilica powder, lemon juice extracts, kojic and lactic acid. All these components carry the lightening properties of hydroquinone sans the adverse effects.

Alpha Arbutin is a pure water soluble biosynthetic ingredient that has been proven to restrict the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase, which is responsible for catalyzing tyrosine into melanin (the substance responsible for skin color). Niacinamide or Vitamin B3, on the other hand, restricts the transfer of melanosomes to keratinocytes (from melanocytes), therefore restricting skin pigmentation. In addition, Niacinamide has been proven to reduce acne.

Bearberry extract is also known as Beta Arbutin. It works in the same way as its alpha relative except that A-Arbutin is more effective but more expensive to process. Licorice extract is also effective in hindering tyrosinase activity. It also comes with anti-inflammatory properties. In small concentrations, mulberry and lemon juice occur in the product to maximize its lightening properties.

From the plant called Pyllanthus Embilica comes embilica powder that contains antioxidants to reduce skin aging. Aside from that, it also offers skin lightening benefits even in average concentrations.

An effective alternative to hydroquinone is Kojic Acid, which is derived from malting rice’s fermentation-a common occurrence when making Japanese sake. Lactic Acid is one of the AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) ingredients of Meladerm, together with Glycolic Acid, that aids the other active ingredients to farther penetrate the skin. Some other active Meladerm ingredients are Vitamin C, Gigawhite, and Tego Cosmo C.

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Q: Does Alpha – Arbutin, one of the main components of Meladerm Advanced Pigment Reducing Complex, related to hydroquinone, has adverse affect on the skin?

A: The source of Arbutin is Bear Berry (Uva Ursi). Bear Berry is completely natural unlike hydroquinone which is synthetic. Arbutin is also present in many foods derived from plants. Under alkaline conditions Arbutin can be converted in hydroquinone. It is though not possible to have such a scenario on the skin. In the human body gastric fluids are alkaline, but for it to react with Arbutin, the same has to be taken orally to enter the intestines. Meladerm constitutes of Alpha-Arbutin which is the more stable and trustworthy form than the frequently used (beta) Arbutin. It does not easily hydrolyze into hydroquinone.

Arbutin does not carry any of the side effects exhibited by hydroquinone. They have different constituents and work differently on the skin to lighten it. Arbutin regulates melanin preparation and hydroquinone can be cytotoxic to melanocytes. Moreover FDA suggests non-usage of hydroquinone and has been rightly not been included in Meladerm. It can be concluded that in ordinary circumstances Alpha-Arbutin is safe for the skin.

“I used to have a bunch of freckles allover my face. They were completely gone after 8 weeks of use. I am also very diligent about sunscreen. My boyfriend had freckles too so I gave him a bottle. He also commented about the difference after using it. I would recommend it to anyone "

Read More Customer Reviews About Meladerm Before You Buy It

A quite popular skin lightening product called Meladerm is creating ripples on the internet. Civant Skincare has manufactured this product. This product can decrease the emergence of discolorations as well as dark spots within two weeks in the process of lightening the skin.

It can even reduce the occurrence of dark circles around the eyes. It is quite effective and useful for discoloration, hyperpigmentation, freckles, melasma, sun damage, chloasma, acne scars, birth marks, old scars, brown spots, dark spots, age spots, uneven skin tones, liver spots, dark knees, elbows knuckles, and underarms.

Meladerm is such a skin product that can lighten the skin by restricting the melanin formation. Melanin is that natural pigment which provides color to the skin. This skin product consists of many active ingredients. The most important ingredients among the rest of the other ingredients include alpha-arbutin and kojic acid.

The function of Meladerm

Do you at all know whether Melanin works or not?

Well…in this regard, there was no established test data found that would otherwise confirm the skin lightening function of the product. However, sufficient information could be gathered about the product’s active ingredients. The American Academy of Dermatologists are of the opinion that Kojic Acid has been proved to be an effective skin lightening agent. 

Moreover, many further studies have also proved that Alpha-arbutin functions by jamming the genesis of epidermal melanin by restricting the ‘enzymatic oxidation’ of Dopa as well as tyrosine.

However, the researches about the product were performed in vitro. In simple words, the tests were conducted in a laboratory & not over the actual skin. The ‘in vitro’ testing is considered to be effective to screen ingredients. However, they cannot be ever compared with the effectiveness of tests done with the finished item on actual people.

Therefore, what is the meaning of all these? It appears as if Meladerm is simply making a claim of ‘B’ grade. In other words, the product is made up of ingredients which are proved to be quite effective but the actual finished product was never tested on people.

You should now make an effort to compare the ‘B’ grade claim with that of an ‘A’ grade claim where a finished product is actually tested. However, there are also ‘C’ grade claims where both the finished product as well as its ingredients are not proved to be effective through any test. 

Hyperpigmentation and Skin Discoloration occurs due to long exposure to the sun rays.  Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex consists of active ingredients like Alpha Arbutin, Gigawhite and Kojic Acid. These ingredients help in controlling the melanin synthesis that determines the color of the skin.

Meladerm helps in reducing appearance of any kind of hyperpigmentation in the process of brightening your overall complexion. If you use this skin product, within few months of time you will get back your original skin color. It has similar function like that of the product called Hydroquinone. However, it does not have any harmful effect on your skin. 

Meladerm Cream: What the research claims?

As far as the online general consensus is concerned that is entirely dependent on non-vested, unbiased comments, the Meladerm cream is able to lighten the skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation considerably. Several people have witnessed the early improvements within two weeks. The majority of the people can see their normal skin color after two to three months only when used regularly.   

Many people can confuse between Meladerm and Melederm. Unlike the product called Meladerm, Melederm is basically a skin lightening agent which is made up of harmful ingredients like mercury and hydroquinone.   

The advantages:

  • Long-term benefits.
  • It does not block the pores of the skin
  • It can be safely used on any type of skin (oily, sensitive, dry)
  •  It does not contain any harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone, steroids or mercury.
  • It uses an airless dispensing system for maintaining the [product’s effectiveness  
  • For the hyper-pigmented regions, there will be permanent results. Meladerm can be applied periodically for maintaining the results. It also protects you from extreme skin lightening. Keep yourself away from the direct rays of the sun for a long time in order to get long-term results. Always make sure of using a sun protective product having SPF 30 or more.
  • It has a 1 month guarantee to return back the money if there is no effective result observed

The disadvantages:

  • It has only effective results on the epidermal hyperpigmentation.
  • Take your time for observing the results particularly on the darker marks.
  • You can only purchase it on the net 
  • It is not effective on extreme scarring 

Side Effects:

Like the majority of the skin care items, the Meladerm cream might make the skin highly sensitive towards the sun. Therefore, using a sun screen is a must.  

There can be little peeling in the very first week. This is a common side effect because the skin becomes more sensitive towards the soft exfoliation qualities of Meladerm and other ingredients of the cream. You should decrease the usage of the cream for the initial two weeks & just allow the skin in adjusting with the ingredients.

You can conduct an allergy test by a simple application of little bit of the cream on the arm or neck for only three days. If the skin is unable to stand the effectiveness of its ingredients, immediately stop using this cream. Do not ever apply this cream on the eyelids.  

The Judgment:

Does the Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex work? The results produced by Meladerm differ from one person to another. The results will be dependent on how the skin is going to react to this Meladerm cream. All you need to have is great patience to see the full results because it will take more than even two months. If your skin tone is dark, you might even need a longer time span to see the results. 

Meladerm cream can be used on all skin colors like dark-skinned Indian or African-American people.

If several customers are of the opinion that the cream is truly effective, it simply does not imply that it would also be effective for you as well. The wisest thing to do would be using it yourself & then observe the results. However, you should not solely depend on skin lightening agents only. Along with these products, a good moisturizer and sunscreen are equally important. 

The Final word:

If you are spending money on buying low-priced skin lighteners which are not so effective, simply prefer to buy a costly cream like Meladerm which will give effective results. Your money would not go waste in this case.  
The cost of Meladerm is $50 which is in no way cheap but you can definitely give it a try. If anyone have already used this cream, please make sure to give your feedback in the ‘comment section.’

Packaging of the Product:

1.7 oz Cream
A bottle of 1.7 oz, gives out around 50 full pumps or 1ml per pump. For the full face, you should apply half pump in each application. Therefore, applying the cream two times in a day on your full face means that the bottle of 1.7oz will last for only 7 weeks.  

Policy to Return:
To return any package, a refund should be posted within one month of the first date of delivery. For processing the refund, you can get in touch with them at the address: to get an authorized (RMA) number. You should also include all the containers of the cream as well as the order number while returning. Moreover, do not forget to mention the reason as to why you are returning the product. The company agents would in no way refund any kind of returned order that does not have a suitable RMA number. 

They would give the entire refund after deducting the shipping costs on a returned product (unused or used) post-market in just 1 month from the first date of delivery along with an appropriate RMA number. You have to bear the shipping costs. 

Meladerm Coupons, Discounts and Sale:

3.4 oz available in $ 79.99 (you can save 20%)
In all purchases amounting to $150 or higher (prior to shipping charges and taxes), you will get a Microdermabrasion Cloth absolutely FREE of cost. You get free Eye Complex and Microdermabrasion Cloth for every purchase of $200 or higher.

Q) Is Meladerm Pigment Complex safe for black skin? I suffer from black spots on my legs and this has made my social life really miserable. I cannot wear my short skirts and never dare to bare my legs. Can I be completely cured of this problem?

A: Yes, it is safe to use the Meladerm Pigment Complex because it does not contain harmful chemicals like hydroquinone. Do not use the cream all over your legs; instead use it on the dark spots to treat them.

Q. Can Meladerm treat the problem of Melasma? I have a long history of melasma (for about 2 years) and none of the expensive ointments could get rid of those brown marks that make my face look really ugly. Can I bank on this cream?

A: Now, it is not possible to tell whether Meladerm would work on your skin or not. In fact it is you who can tell it after using Meladerm for a certain period of time. Meladerm has been found to eliminate the problem of Melasma, but before your apply it on your face, just use it as a trial on your inner wrists to see if there are any allergic reactions or not.

Q) Is Meladerm available at the local stores across US?

A: Though the company claims that you can get it from some of the selected medical stores or health spas, but I did not find it in any of my local stores. It is better to purchase it online.

Q) Is Meladerm helpful or for that matter of fact effective on sensitive skin?

A: Meladerm is effective irrespective of the type of skin that you apply it on. You can use Meladerm to cure any skin blotches that you have and it goes for the sensitive skin too. If you feel that there are chances that your skin may reject the chemicals in Meladerm then you can try it for one or two days before its full fledged use.

Q) Is the ingredient alpha arbutin used in Meladerm related to the dangerous hydroquinone in anyway?

A: Arbutin is derived from the extracts of the Bearberry and it is one of the safest chemicals available. It has no connection whatsoever with the dangerous hydroquinone.

Q) How long should one use Meladerm?

A: One can use Meladerm for a period of 3 to 4 months but then one needs to discontinue its use. This is not only restricted to the use of Meladerm but all skin lighteners available in the market. Actually, you would see no more enhancement or change in your skin after a prolonged use.

Q: Does Meladerm work equally well on the African American Skin?

I want to remove the dark spots on my skin. Can anyone tell me how long do I have to use it? Is it safe to use?

A: There is no problem in using the Meladerm cream on the African American skin and let me assure you, it works equally well. If you feel that you have a skin that is sensitive towards new ointments and creams then you can always test it. It is better to use it for a day or two on the neck or the inner wrist for the first one or two days. If you see any forms of allergic reactions then immediately stop its use.

Meladerm is a cream that is meant for long term use and you would get to see the results only after 4 to 5 weeks of regular use. Use a proper sun block that has SPF of 30 or higher. You need to also take in a lot of fresh juice and vegetables to see your skin glowing within weeks. It is definitely safe to use Meladerm as it does not contain any harmful chemicals.


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